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Open to all American-made classic trucks 25 years old and older


Welcome to Louisiana Classic Truck Club's home page! Our club is made up of great people throughout Louisiana, East Texas, and west Mississippi, and our goal is to give classic truck enthusiasts a local "family" to share information, resources, and the joys of owning, restoring, and customizing classic American made trucks.


Our purpose is to maintain a family friendly truck club, made up of great people that have a passion for classic trucks. Our focus is on trucks that are 25 years old, or older, but we have a few newer truck owners here too. Whether your truck is 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, customized, or stock, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or International, we welcome them all!


Shows, meets, and get-togethers are being planned now, so don't be left out!

For more information on becoming a member, or if you just want to hang out in our free forum and find out what we are all about, click the Forums link below. Thanks for visiting!

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